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Labor Day Weekend 2022 on Threshold

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Long Weekend RPT – For Labor Day weekend, in addition to Slayterday (All Day Saturday) we are adding Sunderday (All day Sunday).

Slayterday + Sunderday:

—-> Double XP <—-

—-> Bonus World Drops <—-

Continue to enjoy the boons from Slayterday until the early hours of Monday!

Play play play! Pew pew pew!


Games for Kids – 2022

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For the third year in a row, Frogdice is leading a program to give video games to kids in schools throughout the region. This program began as a way to entertain and engage students during Covid quarantine, but has been so successful at exciting and reaching children that school districts have asked us to keep it going.

Last year we added Indiana and Ohio to our reach and we are continuing that in 2022. We will continue to work with many of our colleagues to give away hundreds of thousands of video game keys to kids throughout these states.

Frogdice has always been active in volunteering and speaking at schools of all levels. Our founder and CEO, Michael Hartman, is also a college professor in Kentucky (and previously in Ohio as well). We hope to spread the inspirational power of video games with as many kids as possible.

Kentucky has 685,167+ students enrolled in a total of 1,568 schools in 194 school districts.

Indiana has 1,041,369+ students enrolled in a total of 1,925 schools in 407 school districts.

Ohio has 1,729,916+ students enrolled in a total of 3,685 schools in 1,093 school districts.

That is 3.5 million students in over 1,500 school districts!

Our goal is to give at least 1 game key to every student who wants one!

Game developers: Would you like to donate keys to this cause? They can be for any platform or store. To avoid any issues, lets keep it to T rated games or lower. I don’t want to get in trouble distributing M+ games. All keys that are not sent to students will be sent back to the developers who donated them.

Please fill out this google form and we will coordinate with you.

Threshold Dominates the Voting in June 2022!

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Our players really worked hard to make sure we dominated the voting on Top Mud Sites in June, delivering a strong victory!

Excellent work! Thank you all so much. We noticed a significant surge in new players as a result, so it really makes a difference.


Threshold Player Housing Update

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This update includes several operations to move some elements of player housing
from where it is located to another area of the game.

This is a delicate procedure since things like storage within houses and other
elements are controlled during runtime. We are doing our best to control these
operations to zero impact on players, but be aware that it does come with

We will be making a backup of house data before any operation happens, so
nothing is irrecoverable. This will bring several advantages in the
administration of houses. This operation has been ongoing for several
months with planning and design and an unfortunate consequence of this
is that some houses have not been allocated yet that have been requested.
Once this has completed, house creation will resume. We apologise for that
delay, but hopefully this should be completed shortly.

This is all stage one of an ultimate design goal of a better player housing
design that will remove nearly all of administrative intervention for
creating houses and processing additional rooms. We’re excited to achieve
this future state for you so you may get what you’ve asked for sooner and
with less back and forth with administration.


Sports betting in Oregon – is it legal?

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Sports betting in Oregon – is it legal?

With sports betting being an area that is coming under the spotlight recently in the United States, you may be wondering whether it is legal in Oregon and what the general state of it is. In this article, you will find all the information you may need on sports betting in the state of Oregon.

Is it legal?

The short answer is that yes, online sports betting is legal in Oregon. This comes after the Supreme Court made the decision that each state can decide on the legality of online betting themselves.

There is however only one app that allows it, called Scoreboard. The Oregon Lottery controls all betting on sports in the state, so it is very unlikely that another option for online betting will be available any time soon, but even just one option is better than none.

Important to remember

Since there is only one option for betting online, this means that comparing odds and techniques such as arbitrage betting are redundant since they can not work. Because of this, you need to absolutely avoid placing a bet for the sake of it, unless you are happy with losing your money. If you are betting to try and make profit, you need to make sure that the odds are worth your bet, and do not place a bet with less than ideal odds.

What are the most popular markets?

Interestingly, the most popular sport to bet on in the state of Oregon is not basketball, baseball or even American football. Instead, the sport that saw a third of all bets is table tennis. It was recorded that almost four million dollars were wagered on table tennis in the month of May. This is likely due to Coronavirus cancelling a lot of events, as table tennis continued to be organised.

Other popular sports were UFC and football. The UFC returned in May which explains the increase in bets from April to May. In April, UFC was only bet on 487 times. In May, that figure increased to a whopping 50,694 bets. Similarly, football experienced a huge increase in bets and money wagered, as German football returned, and other leagues prepared to come back.

How many active gamblers are there?

In May, there were 7,763 active gamblers compared to 5,374 in May. This is to be expected as sport was returning in May compared to the few selections available in April, and as events continue to be organised, it is very likely that this figure will only go up.

Considering Oregon has a population of over four million people, these statistics are not hugely shocking. There are less gamblers than one might expect but there are also explanations for the low numbers. Online betting is a very new phenomenon so people will be wary of it as first, and of course Covid-19 had a big impact on betting worldwide.

What next for online sports betting in Oregon?

Because of the global pandemic’s impact, Oregon Lottery is looking for ways to increase their revenues from online sports betting. The solution that they have been looking at recently and that could very quickly become legal is virtual sports.

Virtual sports run 24/7 and require very little action, only if something goes wrong.This means that there will always be something to bet on and the outcomes are completely random in a legitimate way.  If it is allowed, then we could see various virtual sports coming to the online betting world of Oregon.

Things to consider if you are thinking about betting online in Oregon

Before you start gambling, it is very important that you think about why you are betting. You can either be betting to make money or you can be betting as a fun hobby. With the latter, you do not need to be too careful and can go ahead and bet in Oregon, just make sure you do not lose too much money.

If you are trying to make money, then you will need more effort, research and time. Since there is only one option for betting, it will be more difficult to find value bets, but there will still be some up for grabs. What you will need to make money is bravery. Once you find a bet that you are happy with, you need to be brave enough to back it. If you lose your bet, you need to be brave by not chasing the loss and instead only putting on a bet that you are happy with.


Slot Machines Tips that Actually Work

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When it comes to gambling, many players look for tips and tricks to boost your chances of winning big. Slot machines, particularly, are one of the most popular and easiest casino games to play, but since these are games of chance, it is difficult to find tips and tricks that actually work. For some helpful info, check out this guide to online slots. But sometimes, it is the simplest things that produce the best results. Here we cover some great advice on how to get the most of your slots experience and improve your chances of winning some great cash rewards. 

  1. Take advantage of the casino bonuses and promotions

When you sign up for an online casino, you will find a welcome bonus that can be claimed when you make your first deposit. While many people ignore this, it is important to go ahead and find out more about this sign-up offer. In some cases, casinos offer a no deposit bonus, which means you can earn free money without having to make a deposit. Seek out casinos that offer this bonus and you could get a great start to playing online slot without spending any of your own money.

  1. Play at the loosest online slots

If you have been playing for a while and simply cannot land a win, perhaps you need to change the online slot instead of your playing strategy. Certain slots pay out way easier than others, with many industry experts stating that online casinos do not place these looser slots close together. It will do you well you check out what slots are close by, and if you are on a losing streak, play at the next slot machine and see if your wins improve.

  1. Set your limits

One of the most important steps to playing at online casinos is the importance of managing your bankroll and setting limits. Gambling can get exciting, especially when you are on a winning streak. But, if you are not taking care of your bankroll, soon these wins can disappear and you will lose more than you can afford. Set your limit and walk away once you have reached it. In this way, your wins can be enjoyed and you will have time to refuel your account by the time you play again.

  1. Choose established, reputable online casinos

There are hundreds of top-class online casinos available on the internet, but also some dodgy ones. It is easy to find a good casino, so take some time and do some research before signing up and making a bet. Good casinos will offer generous bonuses, a wide selection of games, excellent customer support, various banking methods and is licensed and regulated by a trust-worthy jurisdiction. Click here to play online slots at one of the best casinos on the internet.

  1. Try your hand at progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are massive jackpots that are usually attached to a few slot machines at online casinos. Any depositing player has the chance to trigger this incredible jackpot. Look for online slots that have a progressive jackpot, which can often go into the millions on bigger games. While the chances of hitting the jackpot are far less than earning regular wins, it is always exciting to know that the jackpot can be triggered at any time and you could walk away with a life-changing cash prize.



Why Kentucky is the Best State for Upcoming Online Gaming

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Already ranked as one of the best American states for gaming developers, Kentucky is now also in fast competition to become one of the best states for online gaming as a whole. Online gaming is one of the highlights for Kentucky residents and players are of all ages, surprisingly older than most. The demographic of online users is mostly between 38 years and 60 years of age. However, with news circulating regarding the popularity of online gaming in Kentucky, the age brackets are extending to younger age brackets also. Indie gamers are sharing a connection and it’s all here, online. So what features of gaming are drawing attention to the state of Kentucky? Let’s take a look shall we?

Online Gambling

Notorious sites like NoviBet cater for some US players and with online gambling only rising and increasing the gaming market, people are wondering where this leaves states like Kentucky.

Currently a group of state lawmakers have confirmed that the state of Kentucky is closer than ever to legalizing the sports betting bill. Online sports betting is fast becoming an internet sensation with gamers around the world partaking in sports watching and wagering on matches or players. Many countries around the world are coming to realize the past time brings in money to the country and thanks to responsible gaming, players are becoming more aware of the precautions they need to take in order for the trend to thrive.

Should the bill be passed into law, both mobile and online wagering will be allowed for the people of Kentucky.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is a powerful gaming platform powered by players around the world. The biggest advantage of mobile gaming for Kentucky residents is the accessibility and the ability to take you favourite games with you exploring the vast lands of the state.

Land Based Gaming

Kentucky is rich with fun gaming activities which include Laser Tag, Gamerz Truck which is a video game party and then there are other gaming activities such as paintballing. Again, Kentucky proves its interactive gaming nature amongst residents. While online gaming may have an older demographic, land base gaming is incredibly popular amongst the younger players.

Online Gaming

While everyone is focused on the legalization of online sports betting and online gambling, there is a massive market of online gamers in Kentucky. Possibly the most popular form of gaming takes place online amongst girls and guys alike and in many instances, the girls outweigh the guys. The percentage of female gamers reaches an impressive 50% mark, evening out the statistics.

As anyone can see, should online wagering become legal, Kentucky would be one of the best states for online gaming as all gaming options have been checked and permitted. This will expand the development ground for gaming platforms and development companies will have their hands full, something we can all look forward to appreciating in the years to come. Now it’s simply a waiting game, finding out if and when online gambling will indeed be legalized.


When Gaming Takes to the Big Screen – Top 5 Casino Movies

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Hopefully you are enjoying these post from our players. Here is another one.

When Gaming Takes to the Big Screen – Top 5 Casino Movies


The player pool differs from one platform to the next, but there is one thing that they all agree on – their love for the game. And when it comes to casino players in particular, this seems to spread through many spheres of their everyday life.

In this regard, the overall casino industry has made a significant impact on one such area – cinematography. People have always been fascinated with the characters and events normally found in such environments, and Hollywood has been most able to make good use of it. Namely, the following are just some of the best cinematic accomplishments exploiting the ‘casino theme’ throughout the years.

#5 – Rounders

This motion picture tells the story of a young student who pays for his studies through his exploits at the poker table. While the story may seem like a cliché, the amazing acting performance of Matt Damon in the lead role, as well as John Malkovich’s appearance as his opponent at the gambling ring make up for any inconsistencies.

Nowadays, the movie Rounders  is considered a classic among casino-inspired productions, and with all due right.


#4 – The Gambler

Played by the excellent actor James Caan, the gambler is the lead character in the movie of the same name. He is a university professor who seems to be going through a crisis that just keeps spiraling downwards, ultimately pushing him to his own demise. The main reason for this is his gambling habit that provokes most of his debt issues, building up the action to the magnificent cinematic climax that is one of the best in the industry overall.


#3 – 21

Kevin Spacey takes the lead role of a Math professor in this epic movie based on real life events. It covers the story of this professor who managed to train a group of students into becoming expert card-counters and profit out of their intelligence. While they could have made good use of OnlineCasino’s detailed reviews, their focus on the game and the money they won ultimately blinded them of everything else, which resulted in the movie’s unique ending.


#2 – Casino Royale

Considering the fact that it is part of the James Bond franchise, there is no doubt in the movie’s cinematic quality. In regards to casino movies specifically, Casino Royale has further managed to remain true to its name.

Agent 007, played by Daniel Craig, has to defeat Le Chiffre in a poker game at Casino Royale, Montenegro, to prevent his arms trafficking business with terrorists.


#1 – Casino

Since its initial release, the movie Casino has been a major hit on the big screen. It stars Robert De Niro in the role of a casino owner in corrupted Las Vegas, alongside Joe Pesci – an eccentric enforcer whose psychological problems cause demise for both leading personas.

While some could view it as a documentary of Vegas back in the middle of the XX century, many more have classified it as the top casino movie of all times.


Major Trends in Contemporary Video Games

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Another post from one of our players. Enjoy it.

Major Trends in Contemporary Video Games


The modern age is practically marked and symbolized by the existence of this form of entertainment, and there is no denying that it has grown into a massive global industry. Since its early beginnings, it has become a driving force in society, mainly through its influence on people’s everyday lives.

Nowadays, major concepts in the online video gaming industry can easily be identified by the dominant elements incorporated in gaming products. Both hardware and software depict the community’s attitudes towards certain issues, slowly turning them into the global industry trends that are present in today’s contemporary times.

  • Augmented Reality

The concept of augmented reality gained its momentum with the release of Niantic’s Pokemon Go! As you may well be aware, it allowed players to incorporate video game elements into real life, and vice versa.

As such, this unity has had quite a beneficial effect over the pool of users, who saw it as an excellent opportunity to develop some relations with the rest. Pokemon Go players were roaming the streets looking for their new Pokemon, in groups that resembled any other social gathering.


  • Virtual Reality

To kick things up a notch, augmented reality is slowly being replaced by a fully immersive, virtual reality video gaming experience. This trend has been present for quite some time, but it is only now that the suitable VR equipment became available for sale that it reached more massive proportions.


  • Inclusivity

As opposed to people’s former preoccupation with exclusivity, modern times have been seen as much more inclusive than past ages. One example of it is the Casino Bet games and platforms listings, attempting to fit the needs of as many players as possible.

As for the video gaming industry in question, inclusivity has been evident both through equipment – made more accessible to people with physical handicaps of any kind, and through the game software. The latter aims to be more inclusive to otherwise marginalized social structures – the LGBT community, different races and genders as well.


  • Mobile Gaming

The mobile gaming trend has ultimately emerged from the ever-growing popularity of mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets. Major manufacturing companies are constantly trying to come up with a new and improved version that will operate in even more capacities, and thus made the whole mobile gaming experience possible.

With more and more games being developed for these types of platforms, this is one other trend that doesn’t seem to be near its end.


  • Console Upgrading

Related to the previous trend is the recent tendency among console manufacturers to upgrade their products in lieu of constant improvements implemented in other gadgets – smartphones, tablets, as well as software.

Video game players have recognized this as a breach of the usual five-to-seven-year console life cycle, especially since the first releases came in. Xbox have released the Xbox One S, as well as the Xbox Scorpio, while Sonny is actively applying alterations on their PS4 Neo.


Tower of Elements Review

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I received this Tower of Elements review today and am sharing it with you all. The author will remain anonymous for now. Enjoy.

Tower of Elements Review

With few game providers now opting for simple games based on worldly themes, Frogdice stands in a world of its own as it continues to roll out such type of games. One of these games is Tower of Elements, a simple match three game in which you have to use complex problem-solving skills to help your village from the marauding murderous evil army. Tower of Elements can be played on several online casinos and you can also download the Tower of Elements app on your Android or iOS powered device. Here is what to expect from Tower of Elements.


In Tower of Elements, gameplay focuses on matching tiles of three sets. In order to attack the invading army, build a fortress for your village or to hit the rat running around at the bottom, al, you need is to strategically place your tiles so that you eliminate what you do not want replacing them with the tiles of your choice. Tower of Elements, however, is not as straightforward as other tile games because it comes with different weights to vertical and horizontal tiles. The levels in Tower of Elements are quite intriguing and you can subconsciously spend the whole day looking at the screen, as the game is addictive.


Tower of Elements does have a solid plot in that you have to safeguard your tower and protect your people. All this you have to do by simply organising your tiles wisely. The main threat to your people in Tower of Elements is from the evil commander on the other side of the village as he constantly sends his troops to raid and ambush your people and also to try and break into the tower. This means you and your people have to be vigilant at all times to rebuke the forces of the evil commander. However, you ought to know that there is also another side when it comes to Tower of Elements. Amongst your people there are some rogue elements that need to be weeded out after every now and then. When the evil commander’s army reaches your village, they approach some of your people, bribe them to make your defence weak and hope to capitalise on that. It is your duty to know who has been approached and to deal with the person accordingly. It is this other side of Tower of Elements that makes the game such intriguing.

Theme and Graphics

The epic fantasy background of Tower of Elements sets you on a path of adventure. You play the character of King Rand who settled just behind a lone standing tower. For years, you and your people live in harmony before word reaches the evil army commander on the other side who becomes determined to destroy you and your village. As a result, you shift your village into the tower and you defend your village from the tower. Anticipating attacks and raids and blocking the army from gaining access into the tower.


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