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Tower of Elements

UPDATE: Check out ReignMaker: the spiritual successor (not sequel!) to Tower of Elements. 

Tower of Elements is an innovative match 3, tower defense, role playing game. Play an elementalist who commands a magical tower against a relentless horde of monsters trying to breach your kingdom’s walls.

Make strategic matches to launch powerful, elemental bolts at the Void Army. Gain experience to learn mighty spells and gather gold to buy epic gear and deadly siege weapons.

Collect scrolls with information about your foes to compile a bestiary that will aid your kingdom in preparing its defense.

    • Fast paced match 3 with strategic tower defense.
    • Collectible monster cards.
    • 24 spells & 11 pieces of gear.
    • High level spells and gear are impressively epic.
    • 90 levels.
    • 10 chapter story in the world of Primordiax.

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Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there stood a tower

that had been built in an age long forgotten. One day, people arrived in wagons and built a small village in the shadow of the old tower. The village grew, and the settlers prospered.

Unfortunately, an invading darkness stretched its way across the land. The Void army, a force dedicated to the obliteration of life and creation, stretched its hungry arms towards the innocent villagers.

To defend his people, King Rand re-purposed the ancient tower and filled it with elementalists: powerful magic-users who controlled the four elements that created life: fire, earth, air, and water. This is their story.


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Threshold RPG Sponsors

To celebrate the release of Tower of Elements, players of Frogdice’s first and oldest game, Threshold RPG, were given the chance to become sponsors. The following players are members of that elite group:

Agron, Doron, Hezak, Jaheria, Raz, Rosuav, Tharl, Tirmeren, Tyren, Vasco, Yfandes, Yrizaria, Zimri

 There are a few anonymous ones who prefer not to be listed. Thanks everyone!

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Tower of Elements Tower DefenseTower of Elements Tower Defense

Match 3

Servants of the Void Army attack. You must destroy them by matching runes and sending out magic bolts. Pillage the gold left behind.

Tower of Elements Tower DefenseTower of Elements Tower Defense

Tower Defense

Even more ferocious foes are attacking. Fortunately your walls have been upgraded by training Masteries in your Spellbook.


Use experience to learn powerful new spells to shift the tide of battle. Spend gold on gear that can be used strategically in tower defense style.

Tower of Elements Boss BattlesTower of Elements Boss Battles

Boss Battles

Every 10 levels you fight an exciting boss battle against a fearsome leader of the Void Army.

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Tower of Elements Tower Bestiary ScrollsTower of Elements Tower Bestiary Scrolls

Bestiary Scrolls

Defeated foes will occasionally drop a scroll with valuable information.

Tower of Elements Bestiary TomeTower of Elements Bestiary Tome

Bestiary Tome

Collect scrolls to fill your Bestiary Tome with entries on all the Void Army’s minions and bosses.

Bestiary Information

Stats are kept for each enemy type you defeat. You can study this information in your bestiary by clicking on one of the bestiary cards.

Tower of Elements Bestiary AnalysisTower of Elements Bestiary Analysis

Bestiary Analysis

You can view each enemy in detail and even play around with its movements and attacks. (Players report this is many hours of fun!)