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Threshold RPG – 25th Anniversary

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Join us all month for a TON of events and global buffs to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the best game with the best community on the internet.

Please put Saturday, June 19 – 9pm EDT on your schedule for the 25th Anniversary Reunion that will take place in game and on discord. We’d like as many old, new, and ancient members of our community to join us to tell tales and have a crazy time.

Click here for Full Details of All Events!

There are many other events scheduled throughout the month.

Thank you for 25 amazing years. We intend to have many, many more.

See you beyond the Threshold!


New player race coming to Threshold RPG – Amborels

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A new player race is coming to Threshold later this year. They are connected to the current world story and they are unique in a number of ways compared to all existing player races.

Read more about the Amborel’s here:


Games for KY Kids

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We have all been fundamentally impacted in countless ways by the quarantines and school cancellations from coronavirus. Times like these are especially trying for kids who may not understand what is going on, why they can no longer play with their friends, why they don’t get to see their teachers, why they don’t have dances or graduations or other social events.

At Frogdice, we’ve seen growth of about 30% or more in usage across our online games. Steam has set multiple records for concurrent users. It is clear that for many people, gaming is a refuge. It is a hobby that can be enjoyed safely, and often socially with friends!

Frogdice is based in the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the United States. Kentucky has 685,167 students enrolled in a total of 1,568 schools in 194 school districts. Many of those students would love to pass some of their extra time at home gaming, but they cannot afford to buy new games. This is particularly true since so many families have taken hard financial hits of late. To resolve this problem, Frogdice is reaching out to game dev colleagues and friends to gather donated game keys that can be distributed to students throughout Kentucky.

Assuming we can get batches approved, Frogdice is pledging 150,000 ReignMaker keys and 150,000 Dungeon of Elements keys. That gets us almost half way to being able to give every student in Kentucky at least one game (hopefully more!).

Game developers: Would you like to donate keys to this cause? They can be for any platform or store. To avoid any issues, lets keep it to T rated games or lower. I don’t want to get in trouble distributing M+ games. All keys that are not sent to students will be sent back to the developers who donated them.

Please fill out this google form and we will coordinate with you.

If anyone would like to organize a similar endeavor in any other state or country, please feel free to contact me and I will assist as much as possible.

Thanks for helping kids and parents see another example of what a positive force video games are!


Frogdice named 9th best company to work for in Lexington, KY

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Wow! What an honor!

20 Best Companies To Work For In Lexington, KY

All the great things that make Lexington home to thousands of families and individuals also make it a haven for job searchers of all stripes, some looking for the very first time, others seeking a change of pace, and others still who are desperately calling every business they can find and hoping that their next big interview will be “the one.”

But there are new companies springing up across the Lexington area all the time, and this begs an important question for job searchers: which companies are the best for employees to work for?

We were curious, so, we hand-curated a list of the best companies to work for headquartered in and around Lexington, KY using data on salaries, company financial health, and employee diversity.



Lexington named 6th best city to be a game developer.

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Lexington named 6th best city in the US to be a game developer, and Frogdice was one of two local studios mentioned!

“Lexington boasts the 26th best cost of living and 21st best mean salary for software developers making it a comfortable place to live for those with jobs. However, competition may be tougher in Lexington than in other cities on the list as there are only six game development studios in town, such as Frogdice and SuperSoul.”

Woo Hoo!


Stash 1 year Anniversary Celebration

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Celebrating 1 year since the game’s official launch on Steam:

Thursday (Sep 13) through Tuesday (Sep 18):

  • +50% to all XP – combat, crafting, gathering, farming, trapping.
  • Huge Party XP Boost – +220/330/440/550/660%
  • +2 resources in every node.
  • Double Shard of Primordium world drop chance.
  • Double Clan Prestige & Random Incense Global Gifts to Clans
  • XP Tick – Earn XP every few minutes just for being online.

1 Year Anniversary Party

Saturday, September 15

TIME: 10pm EDT – ???

  • Party Favor: 18 slot pack for everyone online at a random time during the party.
  • Random Prize Drawings.
  • Developer (Snarlax) AMA!

Sidekick/Mentor System

This new system allows players of any level/level-range to group together. Have fun!


  • Party Level = the level of the highest player in a party
  • Character Level = the level of any specific character in the party

How it Works:

Ability Power Boost:

Your character’s Ability Power (AP) is boosted by what % your Character Level is below Party Level. (Maximum Boost: +300%). All abilities, attacks, and heals use AP to calculate the magnitude of effectiveness.


  • Party Level: 30
  • Sidekick character’s level: 12
  • Party level is 150% higher than the sidekick.
  • Sidekick’s AP is boosted +150%.

Damage Received Reduction:

Any time a character takes damage, they only receive the amount that is their Character Level’s % of the Party Level. This is capped at 25%


  • Party Level: 40
  • Character level: 10
  • Character Level is 25% that of the Party Level.
  • DMG Received: 25%

Sidekick’s do not receive additional class abilities. The boosts happen behind the scenes – you will not see them on your character sheet.

Link to Stash on Steam:


[Stash] Summer Celebration Weekend

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We want EVERYONE on this weekend, so we’ve put together the biggest event ever in the history of Stash. It is so big it has to start Thursday and go through Tuesday!

10,000 Medallion Daily Random Drawing – At a random time between 6pm and 11pm EDT every night, a random character will be chosen to receive 10,000 Medallions. The winner will be given 15 minutes to speak up and claim the full prize. If they remain afk, they still receive half the prize (5,000 Medallions).

Celebration Boosts:

  • +25% to all XP – combat, crafting, gathering, farming, trapping.
  • Huge Party XP Boost – +220/330/440/550/660% (+110% higher than ever before).
  • +2 resources in every node.
  • Double Shard of Primordium world drop chance.
  • Double Clan Prestige & Random Incense Global Gifts to Clans
  • XP Tick – Earn XP every few minutes just for being online.

SATURDAY SUPER BOOST – July 28 – 4pm to 4am EDT

Amplification of some of the Celebration Boosts:

  • +100% to all XP – combat, crafting, gathering, farming, trapping.
  • Quadruple Clan Prestige
  • +3 resources in every node.


Snarlax will give out random awesome prizes and periodically boost any and all of the above. Watch discord and in-game chat for warnings when they are coming up!

Snarlax will always give out at least 1 additional bonus prize to active players only after the nightly 10,000 Medallion drawing.

Some will be global prizes that everyone online will receive. Some will be random challenges or contests.


Stash Chrono Bundle

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Check out this cool special bundle off on


FROGGACON 2018 – Aug 3-5

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FroggaCon is legal now! 18 years in a row we have hosted a summer get together for our players. This year it is back to its usual time (rather than early June last year). Join us for a weekend of fun, fandom, festivities, and foolishness!


[Threshold] Battlecards 2.0

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A LOOOOT of work has gone into the new version of Battlecards. I want to start with a preface, here, though.

Battlecards came out in 2009. Over the next couple of years I observed that Battlecards were not really being utilised and disappointed, I decided to turn off the drops. Then, at a ThreshCon, it was stated by a couple of people enough that they missed Battlecards and even Aristotle said that people had mentioned to him that they wanted the drops back.

To say the least, I was dubious. A lot of effort had gone into Battlecards, but, I do believe that a system is only as good as its use. If you’re not using it, I don’t see the need to maintain it. The game is littered with different ways in which people can divert themselves and if this isn’t being used, I don’t really see the point in maintaining it. But, I turned the drops back on. I even made a few enhancements to it. I created card shops where people can buy cards, card packs, level up their cards, even, at the sorberus. I guess people started using them a bit more, but I don’t really grasp that they see much use, at least not in terms of the investment put into them.

I thought about this for some time and a couple of aspects that I considered may be a bit of a drawback were that they were somewhat static and also 1v1 may not always be fun, particularly when you have a group of 6 people in a room and you’re always waiting for a duel to complete before you can participate. So, I thought some more on how I might solve those two problems and borne of those two features of the existing game, I set out to recode the game, virtually from scratch and the results are nearly here.

Battlecards 2.0 features a richer customisation of your cards; more standardisation across the cards; all card rarities are now available because, while previously a rarity only existed if an ability of feature was coded for it, now all rarities have the same abilities; you can still solo player or be a member of a team play (team sizes: 2-4); and in the future there will be the ability for clans to bank cards and raid other clans for honor.

The following document, I feel, is mostly complete overview of the new cards and what they look like, as well as what features are available. Please take a look and feel free to comment on this thread.



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