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Games for KY Kids

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We have all been fundamentally impacted in countless ways by the quarantines and school cancellations from coronavirus. Times like these are especially trying for kids who may not understand what is going on, why they can no longer play with their friends, why they don’t get to see their teachers, why they don’t have dances or graduations or other social events.

At Frogdice, we’ve seen growth of about 30% or more in usage across our online games. Steam has set multiple records for concurrent users. It is clear that for many people, gaming is a refuge. It is a hobby that can be enjoyed safely, and often socially with friends!

Frogdice is based in the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the United States. Kentucky has 685,167 students enrolled in a total of 1,568 schools in 194 school districts. Many of those students would love to pass some of their extra time at home gaming, but they cannot afford to buy new games. This is particularly true since so many families have taken hard financial hits of late. To resolve this problem, Frogdice is reaching out to game dev colleagues and friends to gather donated game keys that can be distributed to students throughout Kentucky.

Assuming we can get batches approved, Frogdice is pledging 150,000 ReignMaker keys and 150,000 Dungeon of Elements keys. That gets us almost half way to being able to give every student in Kentucky at least one game (hopefully more!).

Game developers: Would you like to donate keys to this cause? They can be for any platform or store. To avoid any issues, lets keep it to T rated games or lower. I don’t want to get in trouble distributing M+ games. All keys that are not sent to students will be sent back to the developers who donated them.

Please fill out this google form and we will coordinate with you.

If anyone would like to organize a similar endeavor in any other state or country, please feel free to contact me and I will assist as much as possible.

Thanks for helping kids and parents see another example of what a positive force video games are!


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