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Labor Day Weekend 2022 on Threshold

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Long Weekend RPT – For Labor Day weekend, in addition to Slayterday (All Day Saturday) we are adding Sunderday (All day Sunday).

Slayterday + Sunderday:

—-> Double XP <—-

—-> Bonus World Drops <—-

Continue to enjoy the boons from Slayterday until the early hours of Monday!

Play play play! Pew pew pew!


Threshold Dominates the Voting in June 2022!

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Our players really worked hard to make sure we dominated the voting on Top Mud Sites in June, delivering a strong victory!

Excellent work! Thank you all so much. We noticed a significant surge in new players as a result, so it really makes a difference.


Threshold Player Housing Update

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This update includes several operations to move some elements of player housing
from where it is located to another area of the game.

This is a delicate procedure since things like storage within houses and other
elements are controlled during runtime. We are doing our best to control these
operations to zero impact on players, but be aware that it does come with

We will be making a backup of house data before any operation happens, so
nothing is irrecoverable. This will bring several advantages in the
administration of houses. This operation has been ongoing for several
months with planning and design and an unfortunate consequence of this
is that some houses have not been allocated yet that have been requested.
Once this has completed, house creation will resume. We apologise for that
delay, but hopefully this should be completed shortly.

This is all stage one of an ultimate design goal of a better player housing
design that will remove nearly all of administrative intervention for
creating houses and processing additional rooms. We’re excited to achieve
this future state for you so you may get what you’ve asked for sooner and
with less back and forth with administration.


Threshold RPG – 25th Anniversary

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Join us all month for a TON of events and global buffs to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the best game with the best community on the internet.

Please put Saturday, June 19 – 9pm EDT on your schedule for the 25th Anniversary Reunion that will take place in game and on discord. We’d like as many old, new, and ancient members of our community to join us to tell tales and have a crazy time.

Click here for Full Details of All Events!

There are many other events scheduled throughout the month.

Thank you for 25 amazing years. We intend to have many, many more.

See you beyond the Threshold!


New player race coming to Threshold RPG – Amborels

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A new player race is coming to Threshold later this year. They are connected to the current world story and they are unique in a number of ways compared to all existing player races.

Read more about the Amborel’s here:


FROGGACON 2018 – Aug 3-5

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FroggaCon is legal now! 18 years in a row we have hosted a summer get together for our players. This year it is back to its usual time (rather than early June last year). Join us for a weekend of fun, fandom, festivities, and foolishness!


[Threshold] Battlecards 2.0

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A LOOOOT of work has gone into the new version of Battlecards. I want to start with a preface, here, though.

Battlecards came out in 2009. Over the next couple of years I observed that Battlecards were not really being utilised and disappointed, I decided to turn off the drops. Then, at a ThreshCon, it was stated by a couple of people enough that they missed Battlecards and even Aristotle said that people had mentioned to him that they wanted the drops back.

To say the least, I was dubious. A lot of effort had gone into Battlecards, but, I do believe that a system is only as good as its use. If you’re not using it, I don’t see the need to maintain it. The game is littered with different ways in which people can divert themselves and if this isn’t being used, I don’t really see the point in maintaining it. But, I turned the drops back on. I even made a few enhancements to it. I created card shops where people can buy cards, card packs, level up their cards, even, at the sorberus. I guess people started using them a bit more, but I don’t really grasp that they see much use, at least not in terms of the investment put into them.

I thought about this for some time and a couple of aspects that I considered may be a bit of a drawback were that they were somewhat static and also 1v1 may not always be fun, particularly when you have a group of 6 people in a room and you’re always waiting for a duel to complete before you can participate. So, I thought some more on how I might solve those two problems and borne of those two features of the existing game, I set out to recode the game, virtually from scratch and the results are nearly here.

Battlecards 2.0 features a richer customisation of your cards; more standardisation across the cards; all card rarities are now available because, while previously a rarity only existed if an ability of feature was coded for it, now all rarities have the same abilities; you can still solo player or be a member of a team play (team sizes: 2-4); and in the future there will be the ability for clans to bank cards and raid other clans for honor.

The following document, I feel, is mostly complete overview of the new cards and what they look like, as well as what features are available. Please take a look and feel free to comment on this thread.




Threshgiving = Threshold Thanksgiving Celebration!

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We have a lot to be thankful for this year. We have a tremendously cool world story event happening right now that has brought back so many long time players with historic characters. That calls for a celebration.

BEGINS: Wednesday, November 23rd around 5pm EST.
ENDS: Tuesday, November 29th around 8am EST

  • 4x EXP – QUADRUPLE EXPERIENCE. We’ve never done more than double XP. This is total insanity!!!!!
  • 1/4 Lvl & Glvl Coin Training Costs. Complements that Quadruple XP quite nicely, no?
  • 2x World Drops – With PIE added to the world drops.
  • HRPT – Highly Recommended Playing Time – Monday, Nov 28 will be another HRPT with massive world story developments. DO NOT MISS IT!
  • Massive Amounts of Roleplay will be happening throughout the event. NPCs of all varieties will be interacting with players to spur along the world story. The event will also get tons of people online which will further add to roleplay opportunities.

Browser client:


Just Press Start interviews Michael Hartman about Accessibility, Community, and Charity.

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Just Press Start logoGaming website, Just Press Start, interviewed Mr. Hartman for their one hour podcast. They covered a variety of topics including accessibility, community, and charity. From the Just Press Start interview page:

Michael Hartman from Frogdice Games is my guest this time for a great discussion about the match-3/tower defense hybrid Tower of Elements (available here), and the upcoming Dungeon of Elements.  We also spend time talking about the trials of indie development, how a company like Frogdice has survived since 1996 thanks to the amazing community surrounding games like Threshold, and why charity is so important to the team.  Frogdice Games has now become one of my favorite companies, and I think after you listen to this, they’ll become one of yours as well.