Careers at Frogdice

If you would like to learn more about working at Frogdice, you can submit your resume here.

Programmers: Programming experience in Unity, C#, LAMP, Pike, LPC, and Python.

Artists: Environmental artists, 3D modelers, animators, and riggers. Artists should have experience with packages like Adobe Photoshop, Maya, zBrush, and SoftImage.

We are not specifically hiring for any positions currently, but we occasionally have openings and the first place we look are players who are already part of our community and people that already have resumes on file.  We would be looking only for people who would live in or would be able to relocate to the Lexington, Kentucky area.

We also have a program called The Pollywogs for volunteers, part-timers, and interns. Pollywogs are also die-hard fans of Frogdice and our games. Playing our games is the first, very important step towards becoming a Pollywog. If this sounds like it would be interesting and rewarding, please visit the Pollywogs page.