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Threshold Player Housing Update

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This update includes several operations to move some elements of player housing
from where it is located to another area of the game.

This is a delicate procedure since things like storage within houses and other
elements are controlled during runtime. We are doing our best to control these
operations to zero impact on players, but be aware that it does come with

We will be making a backup of house data before any operation happens, so
nothing is irrecoverable. This will bring several advantages in the
administration of houses. This operation has been ongoing for several
months with planning and design and an unfortunate consequence of this
is that some houses have not been allocated yet that have been requested.
Once this has completed, house creation will resume. We apologise for that
delay, but hopefully this should be completed shortly.

This is all stage one of an ultimate design goal of a better player housing
design that will remove nearly all of administrative intervention for
creating houses and processing additional rooms. We’re excited to achieve
this future state for you so you may get what you’ve asked for sooner and
with less back and forth with administration.


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