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Games for Kids – 2021

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Last year Frogdice led a program to give video games to kids throughout the state of Kentucky. With many kids stuck at home due to quarantine, they were in need of some recreation as well as a reward for sitting in from of the computer doing zoom classes and homework. So we worked with some of our colleagues to give away hundreds of thousands of video game keys to kids throughout the entire state of Kentucky. This year we are looking to expand the program to include Indiana and Ohio.

Frogdice has always been active in volunteering and speaking at schools of all levels. Our founder and CEO, Michael Hartman, is also a college professor in Kentucky (and previously in Ohio as well). We hope to spread the inspirational power of video games with as many kids as possible.

Kentucky has 685,167+ students enrolled in a total of 1,568 schools in 194 school districts.

Indiana has 1,041,369+ students enrolled in a total of 1,925 schools in 407 school districts.

Ohio has 1,729,916+ students enrolled in a total of 3,685 schools in 1,093 school districts.

We would love to give at least 1 game key to every student who wants one and plays PC games.

Normally in the summer, public libraries offer a variety of video game related classes and activities.  But Covid still has most of these events and classes cancelled. We can fill the gap!

Game developers: Would you like to donate keys to this cause? They can be for any platform or store. To avoid any issues, lets keep it to T rated games or lower. I don’t want to get in trouble distributing M+ games. All keys that are not sent to students will be sent back to the developers who donated them.

Please fill out this google form and we will coordinate with you.


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