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Stash 1 year Anniversary Celebration

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Celebrating 1 year since the game’s official launch on Steam:

Thursday (Sep 13) through Tuesday (Sep 18):

  • +50% to all XP – combat, crafting, gathering, farming, trapping.
  • Huge Party XP Boost – +220/330/440/550/660%
  • +2 resources in every node.
  • Double Shard of Primordium world drop chance.
  • Double Clan Prestige & Random Incense Global Gifts to Clans
  • XP Tick – Earn XP every few minutes just for being online.

1 Year Anniversary Party

Saturday, September 15

TIME: 10pm EDT – ???

  • Party Favor: 18 slot pack for everyone online at a random time during the party.
  • Random Prize Drawings.
  • Developer (Snarlax) AMA!

Sidekick/Mentor System

This new system allows players of any level/level-range to group together. Have fun!


  • Party Level = the level of the highest player in a party
  • Character Level = the level of any specific character in the party

How it Works:

Ability Power Boost:

Your character’s Ability Power (AP) is boosted by what % your Character Level is below Party Level. (Maximum Boost: +300%). All abilities, attacks, and heals use AP to calculate the magnitude of effectiveness.


  • Party Level: 30
  • Sidekick character’s level: 12
  • Party level is 150% higher than the sidekick.
  • Sidekick’s AP is boosted +150%.

Damage Received Reduction:

Any time a character takes damage, they only receive the amount that is their Character Level’s % of the Party Level. This is capped at 25%


  • Party Level: 40
  • Character level: 10
  • Character Level is 25% that of the Party Level.
  • DMG Received: 25%

Sidekick’s do not receive additional class abilities. The boosts happen behind the scenes – you will not see them on your character sheet.

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