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Why Kentucky is the Best State for Upcoming Online Gaming

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Already ranked as one of the best American states for gaming developers, Kentucky is now also in fast competition to become one of the best states for online gaming as a whole. Online gaming is one of the highlights for Kentucky residents and players are of all ages, surprisingly older than most. The demographic of online users is mostly between 38 years and 60 years of age. However, with news circulating regarding the popularity of online gaming in Kentucky, the age brackets are extending to younger age brackets also. Indie gamers are sharing a connection and it’s all here, online. So what features of gaming are drawing attention to the state of Kentucky? Let’s take a look shall we?

Online Gambling

Notorious sites like NoviBet cater for some US players and with online gambling only rising and increasing the gaming market, people are wondering where this leaves states like Kentucky.

Currently a group of state lawmakers have confirmed that the state of Kentucky is closer than ever to legalizing the sports betting bill. Online sports betting is fast becoming an internet sensation with gamers around the world partaking in sports watching and wagering on matches or players. Many countries around the world are coming to realize the past time brings in money to the country and thanks to responsible gaming, players are becoming more aware of the precautions they need to take in order for the trend to thrive.

Should the bill be passed into law, both mobile and online wagering will be allowed for the people of Kentucky.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is a powerful gaming platform powered by players around the world. The biggest advantage of mobile gaming for Kentucky residents is the accessibility and the ability to take you favourite games with you exploring the vast lands of the state.

Land Based Gaming

Kentucky is rich with fun gaming activities which include Laser Tag, Gamerz Truck which is a video game party and then there are other gaming activities such as paintballing. Again, Kentucky proves its interactive gaming nature amongst residents. While online gaming may have an older demographic, land base gaming is incredibly popular amongst the younger players.

Online Gaming

While everyone is focused on the legalization of online sports betting and online gambling, there is a massive market of online gamers in Kentucky. Possibly the most popular form of gaming takes place online amongst girls and guys alike and in many instances, the girls outweigh the guys. The percentage of female gamers reaches an impressive 50% mark, evening out the statistics.

As anyone can see, should online wagering become legal, Kentucky would be one of the best states for online gaming as all gaming options have been checked and permitted. This will expand the development ground for gaming platforms and development companies will have their hands full, something we can all look forward to appreciating in the years to come. Now it’s simply a waiting game, finding out if and when online gambling will indeed be legalized.


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