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Stash 1 year Anniversary Celebration

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Celebrating 1 year since the game’s official launch on Steam:

Thursday (Sep 13) through Tuesday (Sep 18):

  • +50% to all XP – combat, crafting, gathering, farming, trapping.
  • Huge Party XP Boost – +220/330/440/550/660%
  • +2 resources in every node.
  • Double Shard of Primordium world drop chance.
  • Double Clan Prestige & Random Incense Global Gifts to Clans
  • XP Tick – Earn XP every few minutes just for being online.

1 Year Anniversary Party

Saturday, September 15

TIME: 10pm EDT – ???

  • Party Favor: 18 slot pack for everyone online at a random time during the party.
  • Random Prize Drawings.
  • Developer (Snarlax) AMA!

Sidekick/Mentor System

This new system allows players of any level/level-range to group together. Have fun!


  • Party Level = the level of the highest player in a party
  • Character Level = the level of any specific character in the party

How it Works:

Ability Power Boost:

Your character’s Ability Power (AP) is boosted by what % your Character Level is below Party Level. (Maximum Boost: +300%). All abilities, attacks, and heals use AP to calculate the magnitude of effectiveness.


  • Party Level: 30
  • Sidekick character’s level: 12
  • Party level is 150% higher than the sidekick.
  • Sidekick’s AP is boosted +150%.

Damage Received Reduction:

Any time a character takes damage, they only receive the amount that is their Character Level’s % of the Party Level. This is capped at 25%


  • Party Level: 40
  • Character level: 10
  • Character Level is 25% that of the Party Level.
  • DMG Received: 25%

Sidekick’s do not receive additional class abilities. The boosts happen behind the scenes – you will not see them on your character sheet.

Link to Stash on Steam:


[Stash] Summer Celebration Weekend

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We want EVERYONE on this weekend, so we’ve put together the biggest event ever in the history of Stash. It is so big it has to start Thursday and go through Tuesday!

10,000 Medallion Daily Random Drawing – At a random time between 6pm and 11pm EDT every night, a random character will be chosen to receive 10,000 Medallions. The winner will be given 15 minutes to speak up and claim the full prize. If they remain afk, they still receive half the prize (5,000 Medallions).

Celebration Boosts:

  • +25% to all XP – combat, crafting, gathering, farming, trapping.
  • Huge Party XP Boost – +220/330/440/550/660% (+110% higher than ever before).
  • +2 resources in every node.
  • Double Shard of Primordium world drop chance.
  • Double Clan Prestige & Random Incense Global Gifts to Clans
  • XP Tick – Earn XP every few minutes just for being online.

SATURDAY SUPER BOOST – July 28 – 4pm to 4am EDT

Amplification of some of the Celebration Boosts:

  • +100% to all XP – combat, crafting, gathering, farming, trapping.
  • Quadruple Clan Prestige
  • +3 resources in every node.


Snarlax will give out random awesome prizes and periodically boost any and all of the above. Watch discord and in-game chat for warnings when they are coming up!

Snarlax will always give out at least 1 additional bonus prize to active players only after the nightly 10,000 Medallion drawing.

Some will be global prizes that everyone online will receive. Some will be random challenges or contests.


Stash Chrono Bundle

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Check out this cool special bundle off on


FROGGACON 2018 – Aug 3-5

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FroggaCon is legal now! 18 years in a row we have hosted a summer get together for our players. This year it is back to its usual time (rather than early June last year). Join us for a weekend of fun, fandom, festivities, and foolishness!


[Stash] March Meet Up and Bonus Weekend

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March Meet Up and Bonus Weekend
March 16 (Fri) – March 20 (Tue)

  • +20% Combat XP
  • +Party XP (+110%/+220%/+330%/+440%/+550%)
  • +1 additional resource per node
  • XP Tick Returns! Earn XP Just for being online!

Saturday Meet Up – Medallions, Merch, and Marketing!
March 17 – 4-6pm EDT

Party Favor: 2 Lemon Cookies of Mortis (Remove 10% debt each. Sell on the market for 10-20k triads each!)

We’ve been focused on pure content for the last 6-7 months, and we need to put a little time and effort into the biz side of things to pay the bills.

We are going to discuss ideas for the Medallion shop, Merchandise, and Marketing. We will share some of our ideas in a forum thread and then listen to your ideas as well.

The biz side of things is obviously important, and we want to include you all in the process of coming up with ideas players love and find exciting.


STASH: winner of Taco Bell’s “Feed the Beta” best indie game competition.

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We are excited to announce that STASH was chosen as a winner of Taco Bell’s 2017 “Feed the Beta” best indie game competition!

But the most exciting part of this is the help from Taco Bell promoting Stash and our launch.

We have access to a private forum with a group of gaming media and marketing experts they have gathered to help the winners promote their games. This includes media, twitch streamers, and youtubers with some pretty big audiences.

It is exciting and validating to have STASH chosen as a top indie game. The help they will give us promoting the game will really be huge. The toughest thing about indie game development is getting the word out. This should be a big boost in that area.



Visiting other BOOs, Titles, More Newspapers, Leaderboard Rewards, and more!

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Main new features in this update:

  • Turn timer setting (from party window you can change the time allowed to make your turn decision)
  • Titles
  • New Newspapers
  • Automatic Leaderboard Rewards
  • BOO Visitor Access (use the /friends command from command line for now)
  • Tons of bug fixes. RSI, world encounters, and more!

Stashgiving = Thanksgiving on Stash!

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Join us for Stashgiving to celebrate Stash’s first Thanksgiving weekend!

BEGINS: Wednesday, November 23rd (~4pm EST)

UNTIL: Monday, November 28th (~11am EST)

  • +25% XP – Combat, Crafting, and Gathering XP
  • Double Party XP Bonus – Based on party size: 2: +40% xp / 3: +80% xp / 4: +120% xp / 5: +160% xp / 6: +220% xp
  • Double resource drops from nodes.
  • Pumpkin Pie: Delicious holiday food item that will randomly drop from all mob types. Max Health and Mana healing possible for level, and trains all stats!
  • Chat 2.0 – Revamped chat system with tons of new features (clickable links, emotes, and more)
  • Rolling Stone Inn – a social gathering place in Askagard with a magical hearth that provides health and mana regeneration.
  • Leaderboards – the debut of leaderboards that allow you to compete in many categories (level, crafting, gathering, and more) for all time, monthly, and weekly!

And a very special, 2 hour event during Stashgiving:

Saturday Night Stash

Saturday, November 26 from 8pm to 10pm EST.

The primary goal of this event is to get a lot of people online at the same time to get to know each other, make friends, invite people to clans, and meet people you can party with. We know this time doesn’t work for people in every time zone, but no time would so we are going with a known popular time for this first experiment.


For this first, experimental SNS, this is what we have planned:

  • Giant Riding Pokka – Just for attending the event you will receive this unique mount that is 300% speed.
  • Stash Development Roadmap – I will share the roadmap for upcoming development on Stash. What’s coming next? What’s coming over the next few weeks?
  • Developer Q&A – Ask questions and we will do our best to answer.
  • Meet Your Fellow Players – This is probably the most important thing about this event.

8 Cosmetic Armor sets in Stash

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We currently have 8 cosmetic armor sets in Stash.

  • Elementalists:
    • Teal Cloth Set
    • Chaos Cloth Set
  • Healers:
    • Cobalt Leather Set
    • Green Leather Set
  • Hunters:
    • Scarlet Leather Set
    • Forest Leather Set
  • Warriors:
    • Verdant Chain Set
    • Xornet Chain Set

Many more will be added over time, as well as many more tiers and varieties of every armor type to find in the game. At level 30, Healers gain access to chainmail, Hunters gain access to ringmail, and Warriors gain access to platemail.

In addition to different magical modifiers and armor ratings, you should be able to create your very own unique look!

If you or a friend don’t have Stash yet, you can get it right now on Steam!

Click image for full size detail.

Click image for full size detail.



Our Philosophy on F2P and Microtransactions

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This was originally a section of one of our Kickstarter campaign for Stash, but it is a pretty good explanation of our philosophy on Free-to-Play and microtransactions.

Pay What You Want (PWYW)

Our Take on Free-to-Play

For over 20 years Frogdice has used some variation of this payment model. We want to make it easy for people to play Stash and enjoy playing it with all of their friends. Our philosophy has always been: “Make the game fun enough that people play long enough, and eventually the money will take care of itself.”

We have a virtual currency called Medallions that is used in Stash and other Frogdice games. Medallions can be used to purchase a wide variety of completely optional things. The Medallion shop is primarily for cosmetics, convenience, and customization. Anything that provides in-game power will also be obtainable by playing the game.

Examples of things you can buy with Medallions in Stash:

  • Pets.
  • Mounts.
  • Cosmetic items for your costume slots.
  • Temporary +% XP boost potions (saves time).
  • Instant teleport consumable to your BOO (saves time).
  • Decorative house items.

Things we don’t do:

  • Require purchases to continue character advancement.
  • Create intentionally frustrating things you have to buy your way out of. (like “energy systems”)
  • Bait and switch tactics or things that trick you into spending Medallions.

Ultimately, this is a matter of trust between developer and player. Our 20+ year history of using this type of model ethically and responsibly shows we do it the right way.

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