dan“If you think this is just Bejeweled, that would be your first mistake.”

“This has the addicting feel that Bejeweled has, but with a great twist in the perspectives change and the combat. It is a clever mix. I like this game.”

“I like this game. It is really addicting. “Just one more match! Just one more match! I almost had the Ogre down. One more! One more!”

Twitch_Purple_32x32 Dan’s Gaming, Twitch channel – http://www.twitch.tv/dansgaming

“I’ve fallen in love with ReignMaker.”gamezebo

“It may sound simple on paper, but it’s maddeningly fast-paced in execution.”

“A rich experience with frantic match-3 gameplay (and charming city management breaks in between), ReignMaker manages to reinforce the reputation that developer Frogdice has been cultivating over the last few years: that of a gamemaker you should be paying attention to.”

Netdna_32x32 Jim Squires, Editor-in-Chief, Gamezebo – http://www.gamezebo.com/

crumps“It is freakin’ addictive and you can do all sorts of things on every play through.”

“The policies are the best part of the game. I love them.”

Twitch_Purple_32x32 Crumps, Twitch channel – http://www.twitch.tv/crumps2

zero“I am loving this game!”

“It is pretty awesome, especially if you like match-3 games.”

Twitch_Purple_32x32 ZeroGamePlan, Twitch channel – http://www.twitch.tv/zerogameplan

igtlogo-01_Small“Frogdice has proven once again that they know how to make a well-crafted puzzle game.”

“ReignMaker is a genuinely fun experience you shouldn’t miss if you are a fan of the genre. “

d6bcec9336dacf43f940d44416edce3b Miko of IndieGamerChick.com

5-star“A supreme example of the genre and something everyone should check out.”


J.M. Bohn of Steam 1st

everyday“I personally enjoyed everything that ReignMaker had to offer and greatly appreciated all I was able to do in the game.”


everydaygames Travis Patterson of Everyday Gamers

4star“ReignMaker Is A Clever Match-3 With Political Ambitions”

favicon Mike Futter of GameInformer

kitty“This game is very cool. It is like Puzzle Quest and Triple Town combined with a taste of Civilization.”

“This is definitely the most intense match-3 I’ve ever played. It is very addicting.”

“I can see myself sitting here playing it a lot, until my %&! gains 5 inches. But that’s the sign of a good game.”

“Don’t be scared. This is a really great game!”

“I am thoroughly, thoroughly enjoying this game.”

Twitch_Purple_32x32 AryKitty, Twitch channel – http://www.twitch.tv/arykitty

gnar“Man this is fun. Awesome!”

“I could see myself sitting here and playing this for a really long time.”

“It’s like Bejeweled but way cooler because your shooting shit.”

“I think you guys should pick this up. If I can have this much fun playing it, then I think you all should buy it.”

Twitch_Purple_32x32 GNARCandy, Twitch channel – http://www.twitch.tv/gnarcandy