The games of Frogdice are works of passion that we care deeply about. But the real magic of Frogdice is the community that has grown around our games. The Frogdice community began with the incredible role players from Threshold dating back to 1996 (Yes, one of the pictures above is from a 1999 convention get together). Our more recent games have brought many new friends and fans to the community.

Whether it is meeting up at FroggaCon, our annual convention in Lexington, KY, playing together in our online games, or communicating through forums and social media, the community of Frogdice is always amusing. But it is more than just fun. The members of our community look out for each other in times of need and provide comfort, guidance, help, and support. Our largest point of pride is the amazing people we have attracted via our games. Thank you!



FROGDICE COMMUNITY FORUMS: An excellent place to hang out with fans of all Frogdice’s games. There are sections for each game as well as general “OOC” forums for discussing real life stuff.




SOCIAL MEDIA: Frogdice is very active on Twitter and Facebook. You are invited to interact with us there.