Reignmaker (formerly known as: Tower of Elements 2) was successfully kickstarted by 388 amazing supporters.

The Kickstarter version of Reignmaker will deliver ON TIME to our backers, February 28th, 2013.

We look forward to working with our backers for a few months after that to really make the game PEFFECT.




Reignmaker (formerly known as Tower of Elements 2) funded on Indiegogo

Why did we do an Indiegogo after a successful Kickstarter?

  • Feedback from fans who said they prefer Indiegogo to Kickstarter.
  • Fans who missed the Kickstarter because of the holidays.
  • Indiegogo has its own community of gamers. We wanted to reach them.
  • Experimentation! One of the joys of being an indie is you can experiment and learn things. Let’s see what Indiegogo is like.

We appreciate your pledges and your help spreading the word.