Mitralon Armory

An upgraded armory in Mitralon with a farm behind it. The Askakedja Mountains are in the background.

Katayvan Blacksmith

This is a tier 5 blacksmith in a Katayvan city. Don’t fall in!

Ta’Raekhet Troops

A contingent of troops stand at attention in front of a Ta’raekhet Town Hall.

The Cubicle

One of the most fearsome bosses in ReignMaker, the Cubicle lays waste to this tower wall with its Pokka Cannons.

Run Away!

Scouts are wonderful for picking up loot and gathering intelligence from the battlefield. This guy is running for his life to get back behind the walls.

Skeletons, Slemors, Glancers, Oh My!

This Gobbo King rides in on a Slemor leading an army of Void minions.

Watch Out, Newsie!

Newsie the Salamae is so focused on delivering the news he has no idea what is following him.

Open a Portal

Magical portals are the only way to travel, even if a tail gets lost here or there.


Citizens discuss a recent policy decision outside the Town Hall.

Attack Dummies

Attack dummies are always ready to help train the troops – even during a sunset.


Three cute, fluffy sheep graze in their pen, oblivious to the threat of world annihilation posed by the Void.


The reflecting pool in front of a Ta’raekhet Town Hall provides an opportunity for introspection.