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Help King Rand, your friend and ruler, defeat the Void and keep the known world unified.

Choose Your Continent

You will build your capital city on one of three continents: Mitralon, Ta’Raekhet, or Katayvan. Each continent has its own strengths and advantages.

Conquest Map

There are 50 Towers of Elements across the three continents of Primordiax. You will defend them all.


A city on the continent of Mitralon with tier 3 buildings.


A city on the continent of Ta’Raekhet with tier 3 buildings.


A city on the continent of Katayvan with tier 3 buildings.


Enemies approach your defenses as you deal with multiple rows of frozen runes. Mitralon’s capital city of Askagard is depending on you!

Sanctus Hold

Powerful explosions generated by the Multiplier help defend Sanctus Hold.

Castle Ferumbras

The Cubicle is a terrifying boss that threatens to tear down the Castle Ferumbras on its way to Askagard, the capital city of Mitralon. Bosses in ReignMaker have varied mechanics and tactics to make them exciting and challenging.

Grrzt’s Glory

At Grrzt’s Glory Tower one of your troops is rolling a giant boulder onto the enemies deemed naughty in thy sight.


An amplifier generates elemental destruction while you defend the Sorallan Tower.

Etude Tower

The Inferno spell fires off while attack dummies hold back the invaders.


Back home, events require your attention as leader. Make political decisions that determine the culture of your Kingdom and the story. Your policy decisions have significant cosmetic and gameplay effects.

Policy Outcomes

After you make a policy choice, you immediately get a story result of your decision. Your History tab keeps track of these decisions and their results. The story of your kingdom is incredibly unique and has thousands of possibilities.


Collect scrolls from defeated foes and store them in your Bestiary for later reference.


As your Bestiary fills up, you can summon each type of foe and study them using magical gems.

Massive Gargantupine

Gargantupines look cute and friendly, but the Void Taint has turned them ferocious and mean. Watch out for the legendary Godgantupine.


One of the leaders of the Void, the Obliterator will blast your towers with his powerful Void Bolts.