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[Stash] March Meet Up and Bonus Weekend

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March Meet Up and Bonus Weekend
March 16 (Fri) – March 20 (Tue)

  • +20% Combat XP
  • +Party XP (+110%/+220%/+330%/+440%/+550%)
  • +1 additional resource per node
  • XP Tick Returns! Earn XP Just for being online!

Saturday Meet Up – Medallions, Merch, and Marketing!
March 17 – 4-6pm EDT

Party Favor: 2 Lemon Cookies of Mortis (Remove 10% debt each. Sell on the market for 10-20k triads each!)

We’ve been focused on pure content for the last 6-7 months, and we need to put a little time and effort into the biz side of things to pay the bills.

We are going to discuss ideas for the Medallion shop, Merchandise, and Marketing. We will share some of our ideas in a forum thread and then listen to your ideas as well.

The biz side of things is obviously important, and we want to include you all in the process of coming up with ideas players love and find exciting.


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