As the Dungeon of Elements community grows we plan to embrace speed running and ghost running as a type of multiplayer for the game. This will also significantly add to the replayability of the game.


We will either host ourselves or partner with a fan/third party site to track records for individual dungeon clears, full game clears, on all difficulties and game modes.

We plan to have contests and events (with prizes!) to make speed running even more exciting. Though no prize can ever compare with the simple glory of being best in the world!


A ghost run is basically when one person completes a dungeon (or the full game), records the time, and then challenges friends or the entire community to beat their time.

You can video your entire run or simply use the built in screenshot command (ALT+P) to record your time from the character sheet.


For official SPEED RUN and GHOST RUN challenges, we have a way to verify the legitimacy of these screenshots and ensure they have not been edited.