These items were Kickstarter tier rewards that we are making available due to popular demand. If you have a discount or download code for one of these extras, simply click on the image for the item and then enter the code on the following page. If you are buying one of the extras, click on the icon and it will take you to a shopping page. Thank you!



Dungeon of Elements Digital Soundtrack: $5

We are thrilled that people have loved the music so much in Dungeon of Elements. Click the above link or image to buy the digital soundtrack for $5.

The digital soundtrack includes 10 songs and 4 soundscapes.

  1. Dungeon of Elements Theme
  2. Above Ground Ruins
  3. Temples and Sanctuaries
  4. Big Top Dance Party
  5. Retro Sewer Rave
  6. Creepy Cemetary Soundscape
  7. Dungeon Delving
  8. Cheezie Fun
  9. Somber Sunken Temple
  10. The Final Battle
  11. Epic Battle Chorus
  12. Jungle Soundscape
  13. Menu Soundscape
  14. Cauldron Burn and Boil




Dungeon of Elements Digital Art Book: $5

The digital artbook was put together by our lead artist, Adam Sullivan, and one of our Pollywogs, Daniel Hanks. It includes concept art, high resolution images, and some insights into the art style behind the game.

Click the above link or image to buy the digital soundtrack for $5.