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Ridler Plays: Tower of Elements

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Great gameplay review from Ridler Gaming!

“It’s good fun. I suggest you go and have a look at it. Very simple. Very well styled. Got this whole fantasy thing down to a T. And I like all the unlocks and everything: really, really fleshed out game. So check it out!”


Frogdice booth at PAX East

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Frogdice is excited to be attending our first PAX East as an exhibitor. Our booth is part of the Indie MegaBooth which will provide a great opportunity for fans of indie games to come check us out.

We will be in booth #785.

Stop by to play Tower of Elements (which is available now right on our website) or Dungeon of Elements which will launch later this Spring.


Tower of Elements in the Lexington Herald Leader

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This was a really great and very detailed article about Tower of Elements in the Lexington Herald Leader:

Defend your tower from The Void in Frogdice’s newest release

So came the tale of how you must defend your tower from the onslaught of The Void army, a group that rose to prominence in Primordiax.

“Basically, The Void abhor existence,” Hartman said. “They are a power of nihilism, and they want the universe to cease to exist.”

So as The Void approach your tower, you must defend it by matching the runes inside. Each match sends out a powerful blast that can destroy enemies in its path.


Polygon writes about Tower of Elements

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Polygon wrote about Tower of Elements and our charity promotion:

Tower of Elements developer teams up with Stop Hunger Now to feed the hungry

I think one of the Polygon readers said it best:

“Downloaded demo: check

Played demo: check

Bought full game: check

Just realized I’ve been playing this game for almost 6 hours straight: check

I have no idea how much is left in this game, but I hope they make a sequel.

We need more developers willing to make different, original games like this. Taking established game mechanics and using them in totally different ways is a great way to make a game feel comfortable and approachable but still fresh and new.

Nice work!”   -Bellacasta

Thank you, Bellacasta!


Destructoid covers Tower of Elements promotion.

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Dale North, Editor-in-chief of the popular gaming web site Destructoid, wrote an article about Tower of Elements and our promotion with Stop Hunger Now:

Buy tower defense RPG Tower of Elements to feed the needy:

You would probably never have to talk me in to playing a tower defense RPG, but if you did, telling me that doing so would feed a hungry family would definitely help. 

This is exactly what’s happening with indie game company Frogdice and partners Stop Hunger Now. For each and every sale of their cool looking match-3 tower defense RPG Tower of Elements this month and next, a meal will be given to a needy family. You play a game, a hungry child eats. Double happiness.

Tower of Elements (available for both PC and Mac) has you playing as an elementalist that that sends magic attacks from his tower to hold back approaching monsters. Attacks come as a result of matching three or more on a puzzle board, and experienced earned from these attacks will let you learn more spells, upgrade gear, and gain more weapons. 


0 covers the Tower of Elements charity promotion.

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Drew Curtis and the good people at were kind enough to post about the Tower of Elements charity promotion with Stop Hunger Now.


Drew’s friends at Frogdice are running a charity promotion with Stop Hunger Now on their new game Tower of Elements. For every copy sold they’ll donate a meal to a needy family.


Coverage for charity promotion on The Indie Mine

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The Indie Mine wrote an article about our charity promotion.

Frogdice Launches Campaign for Stop Hunger Now

Indie game studio Frogdice, whom we’ve previously interviewed, have announced a promotion to help support the charity Stop Hunger Now. Each sale of their match 3/tower defense/RPG hybrid Tower of Elements will go towards donating a nutritious meal to one of the children or families being aided by the charity.

Thank you for the coverage, Indie Mine!



For every copy of Tower of Elements sold, Frogdice will feed a needy family.

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SHN_transparentFrogdice is excited to announce a promotion supporting Stop Hunger Now. Stop Hunger Now’s mission: “To end hunger in our lifetime by providing food and life-saving aid to the world’s most vulnerable and by creating a global commitment to mobilize the necessary resources.”

For each copy of Tower of Elements purchased from now until January 31, 2013, Frogdice will donate a nutritious meal to a child or family in need. Tower of Elements combines the match 3, tower defense, and RPG genres in an exciting, deep, downloadable game suitable for both casual and hardcore gamers.


Tower of Elements Launch

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Tower of Elements is now available directly from Frogdice. We have a 10 level demo playable right in your browser as well as a downloadable demo.

Tower of Elements is available for PC/Windows and Mac. It has very low system requirements with gameplay that is casual but deep.

Tower of Elements is an innovative match 3, tower defense, role playing game. You play an elementalist who commands a magical tower against a relentless horde of monsters trying to breach your kingdom’s walls.

It has been described by reviewers as Bejeweled + Plants vs. Zombies + Awesomeness. The accuracy of that comparison is for you to judge!


Michael Hartman judges Lexington Startup Weekend pitches.

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Michael Hartman was asked to be one of the judges on the final panel for Lexington Startup Weekend. The panel also included Drew Curtis of, Rick Miller from the Bluegrass Angels Managing Board, and Dr. Bruce Walcott from the UK School of Engineering.

Lexington Startup Weekend is part a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. It is the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs with over 400 past events in 100 countries around the world in 2011.

By the final round, 9 companies remained and they had 5 minutes to give their final pitch while also showing off the latest version of their company or product. The judges deliberately extensively before selecting GiftPool as the Lexington winner. GiftPool will represent Lexington in  the 2012 Global Startup Battle.

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