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Idea State U Keynote Speaker: Michael Hartman

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Michael Hartman was asked to be the keynote speaker kicking off 2012’s Idea State U business plan and pitch competition. What is Idea State U?

Kentucky’s new statewide business concept and business plan competition is designed to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship by rewarding participating student teams from the commonwealth’s eight four-year state universities. Winning teams will be those judged as having the best new business concepts and business plans for proposed new ventures…

…The competition places emphasis on business concepts and plans that are scored by independent judges as most likely to result in successful, high-growth ventures. This “ready for the real world” emphasis ensures that winning teams will have the best chance of providing a return on the state’s investment by creating high-paying jobs in Kentucky. 

Mr. Hartman spoke about his own experiences as an entrepreneur and gave advice to the 100+ participants in the competition on how to pursue their dream of founding and growing a startup.


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