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Major Trends in Contemporary Video Games

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Major Trends in Contemporary Video Games


The modern age is practically marked and symbolized by the existence of this form of entertainment, and there is no denying that it has grown into a massive global industry. Since its early beginnings, it has become a driving force in society, mainly through its influence on people’s everyday lives.

Nowadays, major concepts in the online video gaming industry can easily be identified by the dominant elements incorporated in gaming products. Both hardware and software depict the community’s attitudes towards certain issues, slowly turning them into the global industry trends that are present in today’s contemporary times.

  • Augmented Reality

The concept of augmented reality gained its momentum with the release of Niantic’s Pokemon Go! As you may well be aware, it allowed players to incorporate video game elements into real life, and vice versa.

As such, this unity has had quite a beneficial effect over the pool of users, who saw it as an excellent opportunity to develop some relations with the rest. Pokemon Go players were roaming the streets looking for their new Pokemon, in groups that resembled any other social gathering.


  • Virtual Reality

To kick things up a notch, augmented reality is slowly being replaced by a fully immersive, virtual reality video gaming experience. This trend has been present for quite some time, but it is only now that the suitable VR equipment became available for sale that it reached more massive proportions.


  • Inclusivity

As opposed to people’s former preoccupation with exclusivity, modern times have been seen as much more inclusive than past ages. One example of it is the Casino Bet games and platforms listings, attempting to fit the needs of as many players as possible.

As for the video gaming industry in question, inclusivity has been evident both through equipment – made more accessible to people with physical handicaps of any kind, and through the game software. The latter aims to be more inclusive to otherwise marginalized social structures – the LGBT community, different races and genders as well.


  • Mobile Gaming

The mobile gaming trend has ultimately emerged from the ever-growing popularity of mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets. Major manufacturing companies are constantly trying to come up with a new and improved version that will operate in even more capacities, and thus made the whole mobile gaming experience possible.

With more and more games being developed for these types of platforms, this is one other trend that doesn’t seem to be near its end.


  • Console Upgrading

Related to the previous trend is the recent tendency among console manufacturers to upgrade their products in lieu of constant improvements implemented in other gadgets – smartphones, tablets, as well as software.

Video game players have recognized this as a breach of the usual five-to-seven-year console life cycle, especially since the first releases came in. Xbox have released the Xbox One S, as well as the Xbox Scorpio, while Sonny is actively applying alterations on their PS4 Neo.


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