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When Gaming Takes to the Big Screen – Top 5 Casino Movies

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When Gaming Takes to the Big Screen – Top 5 Casino Movies


The player pool differs from one platform to the next, but there is one thing that they all agree on – their love for the game. And when it comes to casino players in particular, this seems to spread through many spheres of their everyday life.

In this regard, the overall casino industry has made a significant impact on one such area – cinematography. People have always been fascinated with the characters and events normally found in such environments, and Hollywood has been most able to make good use of it. Namely, the following are just some of the best cinematic accomplishments exploiting the ‘casino theme’ throughout the years.

#5 – Rounders

This motion picture tells the story of a young student who pays for his studies through his exploits at the poker table. While the story may seem like a cliché, the amazing acting performance of Matt Damon in the lead role, as well as John Malkovich’s appearance as his opponent at the gambling ring make up for any inconsistencies.

Nowadays, the movie Rounders  is considered a classic among casino-inspired productions, and with all due right.


#4 – The Gambler

Played by the excellent actor James Caan, the gambler is the lead character in the movie of the same name. He is a university professor who seems to be going through a crisis that just keeps spiraling downwards, ultimately pushing him to his own demise. The main reason for this is his gambling habit that provokes most of his debt issues, building up the action to the magnificent cinematic climax that is one of the best in the industry overall.


#3 – 21

Kevin Spacey takes the lead role of a Math professor in this epic movie based on real life events. It covers the story of this professor who managed to train a group of students into becoming expert card-counters and profit out of their intelligence. While they could have made good use of OnlineCasino’s detailed reviews, their focus on the game and the money they won ultimately blinded them of everything else, which resulted in the movie’s unique ending.


#2 – Casino Royale

Considering the fact that it is part of the James Bond franchise, there is no doubt in the movie’s cinematic quality. In regards to casino movies specifically, Casino Royale has further managed to remain true to its name.

Agent 007, played by Daniel Craig, has to defeat Le Chiffre in a poker game at Casino Royale, Montenegro, to prevent his arms trafficking business with terrorists.


#1 – Casino

Since its initial release, the movie Casino has been a major hit on the big screen. It stars Robert De Niro in the role of a casino owner in corrupted Las Vegas, alongside Joe Pesci – an eccentric enforcer whose psychological problems cause demise for both leading personas.

While some could view it as a documentary of Vegas back in the middle of the XX century, many more have classified it as the top casino movie of all times.


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